About the Conservancy

All proceeds go to the Denman Conservancy Association, a volunteer organization formed to preserve, protect and enhance the quality of the human and natural environment of Denman Island. With the support of this Tour, the Denman Conservancy (a Registered Charity) has protected over 700 acres of Denman Island. Find out more about this organization and the wonderful work they do here.

Rick & Ann Paisley

3355 Denman Road When the property next to an old school friend on Denman Island became available, Rick and Ann knew their escape from the city was there. Lifetime lovers off all things ocean and garden, they had their home beautifully designed to focus on the Baynes Sound out the front and the whimsical garden out back. This beautiful West Coast timber home brings the beach indoors with all sorts of interesting treasures from years of kayaking trips. The full and wild looking courtyard garden is especially impressive as it is unfenced, on a slope, sits on rocks and clay and is only four years old. Not to be missed is a small but very productive vegetable garden, the only fenced garden on the property.

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