About the Conservancy

All proceeds go to the Denman Conservancy Association, a volunteer organization formed to preserve, protect and enhance the quality of the human and natural environment of Denman Island. With the support of this Tour, the Denman Conservancy (a Registered Charity) has protected over 700 acres of Denman Island. Find out more about this organization and the wonderful work they do here.

Butterfly Reserve

Central Rd. On Denman you can, if you are lucky, spot the rare and beautiful Taylor's Checkerspot Butterfly. This butterfly was thought to be extirpated in Canada until it was spotted on the Settlement Lands property in 2005.

To aid in the recovery of wild Checkerspots, a 3.6ha Butterfly Reserve was established in 2014 on the Settlement lands, a parcel owned and managed by Denman Conservancy Association.
At the butterfly reserve you will see the habitat that provides shelter and food not only for our endangered butterfly but also for rare dragonflies as well as other pollinators. You will see plants that are critical for their survival like the dainty marsh speedwell and the thyme-leaved speedwell that the larvae use for food.

Please park on the road where you see signs directing you to the new information kiosk. Please drive very slowly to reduce the dust, and stay on Central road and the designated trail only, to prevent trampling of sensitive larvae.

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