About the Conservancy

All proceeds go to the Denman Conservancy Association, a volunteer organization formed to preserve, protect and enhance the quality of the human and natural environment of Denman Island. With the support of this Tour, the Denman Conservancy (a Registered Charity) has protected over 700 acres of Denman Island. Find out more about this organization and the wonderful work they do here.

East Cider Apple Orchard

2831 East Rd Bathroom, Picnic Area
Welcome to East Cider Apple Orchard and the home of Anne and Larry. Wander through the orchard with 80 different apple varieties, have a look at the traditional Austrian apple press and try some delicious juice! Anne and Larry came to the land 38 years ago and found a forest that engulfed some old apple trees. Inspired by these old giants they set out on their own orchard mission that has grown and matured along with their home and garden. The orchard, home and vegetable garden are all open for visitors.

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