About the Conservancy

All proceeds go to the Denman Conservancy Association, a volunteer organization formed to preserve, protect and enhance the quality of the human and natural environment of Denman Island. With the support of this Tour, the Denman Conservancy (a Registered Charity) has protected over 700 acres of Denman Island. Find out more about this organization and the wonderful work they do here.

Anglican Church

Denman at Northwest Rd This utterly charming little wooden church is celebrating 100 years since its opening this summer. The church garden, encircled by towering horse chestnut and cedar has the church nestled in a bed of native sword ferns. This welcoming garden invites bees to forage, deer to ramble through and human visitors to enjoy the native plants and bulbs from a calm bench perch. Plants tolerant of summer drought and winter wet have been used and roof water is saved for irrigation. Inside the beautiful wooden church you will find rustic island inspired decor. Come visit a piece of Denman history and culture!

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